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Holocaust Education is a crucial element of our work at Keystage. We create the programme for the Cambridge City Council’s Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). This is a large-scale event involving over 80 people on stage at the town’s Guildhall. We always place the accent on young people’s participation. For us, HMD is as much about learning as it is commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

Our programmes are usually highly eclectic. They include survivor testimonies, young people presenting their own reflections through poetry, prose, dance and music, presentations by representatives of the Jewish, gay and disability rights communities. We have welcomed people from the Traveller community, a black gospel choir, speakers from the local Muslim community and more. Our HMD programme is wholly inclusive - we believe that the Holocaust is the A-Z of genocides - there is so much to learn from that terrible history;
our role is to remember, to commemorate and above all, to learn the lessons from the past.

We like to think of our HMD as moving, informative and above all, inspirational.


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Jozef Mironiuk, a guest on HMD 2010

During the Nazi occupation of Poland, Jozef Mironiuk and his family helped save a group of Jews by hiding them. For this act Jozef and his family were recipients of the ‘Righteous Among Nations’ award. Jozef took the stage at Cambridge HMD 2009 to tell his inspiring story after which he received a standing ovation. Three days after the event, Jozef sadly died at his home near Krakow in Poland. For all of those who met him, including a group of young people serving as Holocaust Memorial Day Ambassadors, it was a privilege to have met such a gentle and heroic person. We were all inspired by his story and the honour of meeting him in person.

Sir Nicholas Winton, a guest on HMD 2009

Sir Nicholas Winton, MBE, is a British humanitarian who organised the rescue and passage to Britain of roughly 668, mostly Jewish Czechoslovakian children before WWII, saving them from Nazi death camps. Extraordinarily, Winton kept his humanitarian exploits under wraps for many years until his wife, Grete, found a detailed scrapbook in their attic in 1988. The scrapbook contained lists of the children, including their parents names, and the names and addresses of the families that took them in. We have recently published a book by Ann Chadwick, telling the story of a Cambridge based family who took in a child saved by Sir Nicholas Winton.

Every day is death and sorrow

and do I speak out? No

Every day is guilt and hatred

and do I speak out? No

Every day is cruel and awful

and do I speak out? No

I’m imprisoned, sad - but hopeful

It was my turn to die

and do I speak out?

I speak out

by Lucas Allburn, aged 10, a student at Arbury Primary School.

HMD 2012, ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’

HMD 2009

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News:     ‘Journeys’ is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014.


Cambridge First letter about Holocaust Memorial Day 2012

Cambridge First letter about Holocaust Memorial Day 2012


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